Month: August 2019


Branding Terios To launch the new Terios as an elegant and premium car without losing the brand’s spirit of adventure. Branding. Terios Our concept of “Daily New Adventure” was born out of a simple insight: the modern masculine men have adventure as part of their DNA. The new and elegant Terios takes them on urban… Read more »

Terios Jojo

Branding Terios Jojo Making the brand that’s long perceived to belong to mature men, more appealing to younger millennial male audience. Branding. Terios Jojo Following the win at 2018 Asian Games, Jojo became an aspirational youth icon. The campaign portrayed Jojo as a hero going through the adventure called life while helping others. It was… Read more »


Branding Safi Research Institute To create a distinctive image of a relatively unknown halal cosmetics brand in Indonesia compared to other aggressive market leaders in the category. Branding. Research Institute We introduced a campaign that focuses on establishing the world’s first Halal Research Institute as Safi’s differentiator, and the fact that it’s tested and made… Read more »

Tic Tac

Branding Tic Tac To establish Tic Tac as a superior product with better crispiness compared to leading competitive brands targeted to finicky kids. Branding. Tic Tac The perfect round shape and texture of Tic Tac were told in an entertaining story relevant to its core audience. Not only in urban Indonesian cities, but also to… Read more »


Branding Pokka To position the new honey lemon drink as a new player in a saturated beverage market, creating its unique platform. Digging deeper, the new product needs to be relevant to rising affluent urban segment. Branding. Milna The brand was positioned as a detox beverage with many health benefits, thanks to the ingredients and… Read more »


Branding Milna To introduce Indonesia’s first packaged fruit for babies and to support the habits of young mothers in including more fruits in their children’s diet. Branding. Milna We wanted to convince mothers who regularly buy fresh fruits that packaged food can be fresh too, highlighting the convenience and natural ingredients in a memorable yet… Read more »

Holcim PowerMax

Branding Holcim PowerMax Holcim wanted to create an entirely new segment of specialized structure application cement in a commodity category, despite being a relatively small regional player. Power and strength are at the core of the new innovation. Branding. Holcim PowerMax In a category dominated by emotional communication, we created a real, hard-hitting and fact-based… Read more »

Holcim WallMax

BrandingHolcim WallMax Another breakthrough product from Holcim was the specialized wall application cement for smooth and crack-free finish. Despite being a relatively small regional player, they wanted to create a lasting impact as a solid and reliable brand. Branding. Holcim WallMax The campaign provided a more in-depth look of the cement as a solution to… Read more »

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