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Making The Brand Name A Differentiator

USAGI - Making The Brand Name A Differentiator

Usagi Puff, a beloved kids’ snack brand, approached our agency, DMP, with the objective of producing a memorable TV Commercial that would resonate with families and introduce their product in a cheerful and engaging way. The challenge was to convey the brand’s messaging creatively and ensure the correct mention of the brand name, all while captivating the hearts of viewers.

The “Cheerful Factory” Concept:

Our team at DMP, inspired by the fun and joyful nature of Usagi Puff, crafted the communication concept known as “Cheerful Factory.” We aimed to create a heartwarming story that not only showcased the product but also taught the audience how to correctly mention the brand name in a playful and memorable manner.

The TVC was filled with laughter, joy, and bonding moments, capturing the essence of Usagi Puff.

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