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Creating Impact and Sales

Holcim - Creating Impact And Sales

Despite being a relatively small regional player, Holcim aimed to carve out a new segment in the specialized structure application cement category. The objective was to convey the message that power and strength lie at the heart of innovation. 

In an industry where emotional appeals dominate, we chose a different approach. Our campaign was grounded in authenticity, delivering a hard-hitting and fact-based message that focused on efficiency and strength. 

To achieve this, we recognized the significance of understanding the motivations that drive contractors in choosing a specific cement brand. By delving deep into their needs and preferences, we were able to develop a compelling narrative that resonated with their decision-making process. 

By emphasizing efficiency and strength, we aimed to position Holcim as a reliable and innovative player in the market, despite its smaller size. Our goal was to highlight the practical advantages of using Holcim’s specialized structure application cement, showcasing how it could enhance construction projects and deliver superior results.

Through our campaign, we aimed to break through the clutter of emotional appeals and establish Holcim as a formidable contender in the industry, capable of delivering powerful and innovative solutions.

Another breakthrough product from holcim was the specialized wall application cement for smooth and crack-free finish. Despite being a relatively small regional player, they wanted to create a lasting impact as a solid and reliable brand.

The campaign provided a more in-depth look of the cement as a solution to all kinds of wall applications, styled in a straightforward and uncompromisingly honest manner.

We successfully highlighted the strength and powerful nature of the brand to resonate to homeowners and contractors.

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