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#SikatTepat CAMPAIGN

#SikatTepat CAMPAIGN

In 2020, DMP Communications initiative was to create a campaign to launch a new product Systema Active Clean during the New Normal. In this campaign, we introduced the latest communication tactic, #SikatTepat, because Systema Active Clean has a broader brush head that can protect teeth and gums well.

This campaign aims to strongly convince the audience that Active Clean is  #SikatTepat because of having a wider brush head supported by ‘Super tapered filament’ bristles.Hence, it can clean teeth and gums better. To demonstrate the cleaning power power of 3S(Slim,Soft, Strong) we used the visual device of  corn sprinkled with coffee.

To captivate the target audience from digital media, we created many contents on Systema’s social media based on the communication strategy by incorporating the brand’s distinctive design and ambiance. This approach highlights the product’s features and benefits while maintaining the brand’s distinctive look.

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