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Creating Scentsation with UGC For Relaunching Regazza

Creating Scentsation With UGC For Relaunching Regazza

DMP Communication partnered with Regazza to launch their products and redefine their brand image using the #RealScentsation campaign on social media. The objective was to portray modern urban women as the brand persona.

Our strategy revolved around the #RealScentsation campaign, focusing on the representation of modern urban women in three distinct colors. We associated red with bold and passionate, purple with elegance and grace, and white with gentleness. This color-coded approach was aimed at creating a vibrant and relatable brand image.

The use of red, purple, and white not only represented various aspects of femininity but also resonated with the target audience.

When Regazza launched a new variant, Regazza Purity, with a unique sweet tropical flower aroma, the challenge was to create brand awareness and stand out in this highly competitive market.

Our approach was to utilize social media to generate anticipation and engagement. This included visually appealing content, interactive posts, active comment section engagement, and user-generated content (UGC).

The strategy resulted in a significant boost in social media engagement, trending status on various platforms, successful UGC campaign, and exceeded sales expectations during the product launch.

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