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Elevating Halal Beauty Brand Beyond Competition

Elevating Halal Beauty Brand Beyond Competition

Safi engaged DMP to help launch its Halal Beauty Products in Indonesia and establish a powerful presence in the highly competitive beauty market which was  dominated by global giants such as Pond’s and Garnier, and a strong local halal brand like Wardah.

We introduced three groundbreaking products, each meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse beauty needs of our target audience. The aim was to showcase Safi’s commitment to halal, natural, and tested ingredients.

A crucial part of our strategy was developing a brand footprint that seamlessly integrated Safi’s various product categories and variants, ensuring a consistent representation across different communication channels. This approach helped Safi maintain a strong and unified brand identity.

We honed in on Safi’s core values and mission. By bridging the attributes of Halal, Natural, and Tested with the aspirations of modern Muslim women on their Hijrah journey, we crafted the concept of “Safi Women of Substance.” This essence became the heart of our communication strategy.

Owning a Unique Brand Property:

The creation of the “Safi Research Institute” served as a distinct brand signature, highlighting Safi’s commitment to innovation and rigorous testing. This brand property enhanced Safi’s distinctiveness and credibility in the market.

Our campaign was not only creative but also highly effective. Brand awareness for Safi surged by almost 30%, and the campaign doubled the audience’s intent to purchase Safi products compared to the pre-campaign period.

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