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Generational Dreams Vs Nightmares: DMP’s Campaign For Cerebrofort

Generational Dreams Vs Nightmares: DMP's Campaign For Cerebrofort

On Indonesian Mother’s Day, DMP Communication undertook a compelling initiative with its client Cerebrofort, introducing the groundbreaking #AnakMasaDepan campaign. This innovative initiative invited both mothers and their children to share their visions for the future.

As we delved into this heartwarming project, a striking contrast emerged: the mothers, with a touch of apprehension and heartfelt concern, expressed their hopes and fears for what lies ahead. On the flip side, the children, beacons of unbridled optimism and boundless positivity, painted vibrant pictures of the future they envision.

This poignant exploration not only celebrated the unique perspectives of mothers and their offsprings but also sparked meaningful conversations about the interplay between generations.. The #AnakMasaDepan campaign has become a testament to the enduring bond between mothers and children and an embodiment of the dreams that unite them.

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