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Neo Coffee #IniRasaTiramisu Campaign

Neo #IniRasaTiramisu

During the launch of Neo Coffee’s new variant, Tiramisu, the challenge was maintaining digital media engagement while increasing product awareness and trial/sales during the pandemic.

Furthermore, the brand ambassador, Lucas, could not visit Indonesia for a meet and greet and other events promised to the brand’s followers due to flight restrictions and health protocol limitations.

To mitigate this issue, we created a virtual game show called The Neo Coffee Games. Neo Coffee Games was a series of games hosted by Lucas as the game master and played entirely through Instagram.

Each game/level would fulfill a different brand objective. For example, one level required the audience to share the game announcement to increase the brand’s awareness. Another level required the audience to buy the new Tiramisu variant and submit proof to participate, resulting in growing sales.

Neo Coffee audiences must complete all game levels to win prizes.

To reinforce the message of the #IniMauGue campaign, we worked with Yoriko, a new local celebrity, as the brand ambassador. However, learning from the previous experience of over-relying on Korean celebrities, this time, we juxtaposed her with local talents in the manifesto video to reduce our dependence on celebrity power and make the campaign more relatable to the audience.

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