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New Heights of Success in 2022

Royale Scent For Success DMP Websit

In 2020, we launched the #ScentForSuccess communication campaign for the Royale Parfum Series to increase brand awareness and engagement. Our objective was to position Royale as a premium fabric conditioner with luxurious fragrance and superior protection.

Through this campaign, we aimed to convey that women are an essential part of every successful and impactful journey, and with Royale, they can experience an added layer of luxury and comfort.

As a part of the #ScentForSuccess campaign, we collaborated with Citra Kirana and introduced her as the brand ambassador for the Royale by SoKlin Parfum Series.

Together, we launched the Royale Parfum Series Hijab Black Velvet on World Hijab Day to capitalise on the momentum and make a stronger connection with the target audience.

In 2021 we launched Royale Core Series. We intend to attract the market from our direct competitors.

With that intention in mind, we created the campaign idea: #360DegreeBebasApek to strengthen the distinctive character across product categories as Royale Brand Identity.

The result was constant follower growth throughout the year, especially in Oct & June, when we got the highest follower growth due to the new product Launch: Royale Core Series.

To amplify this momentum, we could significantly impact followers’ growth with great digital activity.

We developed a communication strategy for Royale Core Series by creating #360DegreeBebasApek. This campaign aims to inform consumers that the product is 100% protected from external and internal smells.

To enhance this campaign for a broad audience, we collaborated with Sandra Dewi for the Royale by SoKlin Core Series (Sunny Day & Sweet Floral) as the new brand ambassador for Royale by SoKlin.

To leverage the momentum of Mother’s Day, we created a campaign for the Royale Core Series that utilised both Brand Ambassadors under the Royale by So Klin umbrella brand.

We invited mothers to share their stories about how motherhood has transformed them and what they can do expertly now compared to when they first became parents. The communication strategy we developed was #SemakinBisaMOMen, which aimed to create a narrative that moms can multi-task in their careers and become independent housewives.

Throughout the year, we executed various activities to increase engagement, and the Mother’s Day campaign was the second-highest engagement campaign in 2020.

In February 2022, we launched a Valentine’s Day campaign to encourage women to express their love to their dearest ones by using the concept of love language. To support this digital activity, we worked with Sandra Dewi as the brand ambassador.

As a result of this campaign, we experienced a significant increase in brand engagement. The engagement activity continued to increase throughout the year, with the Valentine’s Momentum Topic & Activity generating the highest engagement.

To introduce Royale by SoKlin Sachet and retain its premium image and luxurious fragrance association, we have developed a communication campaign that is integrated with the umbrella theme of “Let the Scent #SpreadYourInfluence.”

The communication strategy we have developed for the GT Campaign is #SebarkanWangiMewahmu for the Sachet SKU. The objective of this campaign was to drive engagement and increase sales and trials for Royale by So Klin Sachet among the GT audience in the digital space.

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